Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Triangle Man hates Person Man

Gigantic Nerd Points if you can tell me where the title of this post comes from -- without googling it.

Now, I normally avoid haircuts like the plague (cholera?) but the recent humidity coupled with the several months since my last cut have created a monster that looks approximately like this:

So, in short, I need a new haircut. And, because I am painfully out of touch with current hair trends, I need someone to tell me what is stylish/appropriate. If you have any great ideas or just want to see what a crazy hairstyle looks like on a real person (what the hell---I'm adventurous) PLEASE let me know!
Some issues to keep in mind:
*My hair is thick, long and wavy. Hense the humidity/triangle look.
*I play sports and my friends have this lovely habit of asking me to be in their weddings, so I can't go too short.
*I like bangs, but I haven't had them since circa 1992:

And I'm not sure if anything in that photo bears repeating.
So please send along any thoughts and ideas -- If I pick one, I'll post it with a picture of my new 'do. The winner will receive a lifetime supply of my love and admiration.


Anonymous said...

1) They Might Be Giants, but brain fart on the song title.
2) Weddings be damned, I think you should go short! Not Posh Spice short, but around the chin area, no new bangs, unless you wanna try some on the side... and I forget if you asked about color, but with fall fast approaching, black with a super subtle hint of red or blue would look awesome.

Hailey said...

shave it off

agirlcalledjack said...

They might be giants.

Particle Man.

Boo-yah. It's on my iTunes.