Thursday, February 4, 2010

Any food is better with the word Dharma in front of it...

If there is anything my friends can do, it's theme parties. So OF COURSE we had a Lost season premiere party on Tuesday night. Amongst us were Dharma station signs, Dharma Peanut Butter, Dharma Ranch, and memories of friends lost along the way (It's NOT PENNY'S BOAT, you guys!).

Being known as the "baker" of my group of friends, I was given the task of providing a tropical-flavored desert to remind everyone of the beauty of the Island that so many of our beloved characters are desperate to leave. There was a suggestion that mango be involved (are there mangoes on the Island? I'm not sure), so I decided to take that advice and run.

Having never baked with mango before, I decided to call upon my favorite food blogger to help. She sent me many incredible recipes, but the one for mango cupcakes caught my eye. Unfortunately, the recipe was vegan, and I didn't want a bunch of boar-meat loving losties on my hands. Thus, I searched the interweb to find recipes that most closely matched the vegan cupcakes, but choc full of dairy and eggs. The combination was magical. The cupcakes were beautiful (see the flecks of vanilla bean in the frosting below), and oh so tasty. If you are a baker yourself, you have to give these a try. Cupcake recipe is here, cream cheese vanilla bean frosting is here.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, Stephen Spielberg was at my work yesterday. While we were closed for maintenance. So I met Stephen Spielberg, while covered in paint. My life is so weird.

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