Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Volleyball team names

My dear friends~

My volleyball team has a bit of a problem. We are trying to think of a fun, original name, but are falling short (Bumpin' Uglies was taken, and Balls In Your Face is apparently "inappropriate"). I prefer to be more timely than dirty anyway, so my previous team name was "Block of Love" (guess who picked that one!) and the team that one the Most Original Name award last season was "How I Set Your Mother."

Based on these ideas, does anyone have any suggestions? I was trying to work in a little Brit Brit, but I just can't seem to make "If U Set Amy" make any sense...


EXCITING BRITNEY INSPIRATION UPDATE: How does everyone feel about "If U Seek Aces?" Does that make sense to anyone but me?


Sarah said...

You could always go old school Britney and do "Set me, baby one more time."

That's a little long though. :)

creativezazz said...

You probably already have a name. But just in case, I came up with a whole list of volleyball team names and it is on my site at: http://creativezazz.com/2009/04/volleyball-team-names/.

My daughter is on a league and this list helped us pick names for 11 teams. Let me know if you like them. Good luck.