Monday, March 9, 2009

My apartment should be the new UN

Apparently tomorrow is Purim (a holiday that I only partially understand...mostly because I missed half of the story because you are supposed to make loud noises when the bad guy's name is mentioned), and for Purim, you are supposed to make hamantaschen. Never being one to skip baking, I decided to join in on the fun. I felt that this was only fair, especially after forcing a Christmas tree on my two Jewish roommates. And because Hailey valiantly attempted to give up hummus for Lent (a direct quote: "I gave in and ate a full container yesterday. But I thought about Jesus the whole time.")

Tonight I learned a few things about Judaism, what flavor combinations go well together (pumpkin butter + raspberry preserves + chocolate = epicfailmantaschen), and that sugar is important but strangely not crucial in the baking process. Also, I believe that maybe, just maybe, a Lebanese girl and her Jewish roommates baking cookies together makes the world a little more peaceful. At least it makes our apartment a little more delicious.

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adventuremeg said...

I saw little cookies like that on display at the grocery store over the weekend, and now I know why. Learn something new every day!